Our school aims to exalt the spirit of God’s love to the world, to provide high quality holistic education and to establish a positive, healthy and happy learning community for both students and their parents. We enable our school children to grow holistically and become the pillar of the future society by equipping them with the truth of God, knowledge, right outlook on life, intelligence development, physical training, social skills, as well as creativity and appreciation of arts, all within a pleasant and energetic atmosphere.

Remain in the Truth of God
Know the true God
Build a high character
Practise self-discipline and show kindness to others
Acquire knowledge
Develop intelligences
Attach importance to physical training
Exhibit gratitude
Dare to be innovative
Demonstrate profound care
Serve the community with passion

Religion Education
To enable our students knowing our great Father in Heaven and themselves better, to establish a proper self-image and value through various activities such as principal’s sharing, class teacher leading devotional time and prayer, religious assemblies(worship), bible class, gospel week, Christmas/Easter gospel meeting or festival celebration, gospel graduation camp…etc.

Worship-Teachers and students worship our holy God together through the above activities.
Bible-reading-According to the teaching of Jesus, we should read the bible with our children, to enable them to understand how to behave properly, to cultivate the love for themselves and others and to be a good child of God which they may confirm their eternal redemption.

Prayer- To teach our children to pray, to enable them to cultivate the daily devotion with our Father in Heaven and to establish a habit of reflection.