Extended Learning Activities: The Extended Learning Activities (ELA’s) are set to provide a platform for students to stretch their horizons and to establish personal interest. ELA’s can either be optional or mandatory. 1. Optional ELA’s :

Monday – Boy’s Basketball Team
– Recreational Basketball
– Squash Team
– Recreational Squash
– Table-tennis team
– Dance Class
– Clay Ceramics Design (A)
– Visual Art Creation (A)
– Senior Choir
Tuesday – Girl’s Basketball Team
– Recreational Basketball
– Table Tennis Team
– Odyssey of the Mind
– Chess Club (A)
– Clay Ceramics Design (B)
 Wednesday  – Senior Brass Ensemble
– Senior String Ensemble
– Intermediate Orchestra
– Junior Orchestra (open in 2nd term)
– Instrument Classes (brass, strings, percussions)
 Thursday  – Soccer Team
– Recreational Soccer
– Junior Choir
– Chess Club (B)
– Christ’s Little Disciples
– Musical Class
– Clay Ceramics (C)
– Gymnastics
 Friday  – Recreational Track and Field
– Visual Art Creation (D)
Saturday – Swimming
– Track and Field Team
– Girl’s Volleyball Team
– Recreational Volleyball
– Squash Team
– Recreational Squash
  1.  They are ongoing during the academic year. The following chart is our weekly ELA’s at a glance
  2.  Study tours of distinctive nature such as cultural exchange and poverty relief are organized to allow participants to experience the dynamic diversity of living environments and cultures outside their home city, hence gaining new perspectives on love and respect.

2. Mandatory ELA’s

  1. Enrichment week: A special week of learning structured based on a transdisciplinary learning concept to allow students to integrate and utilize acquired skills for problem solving and investigation.
  2. Sports day and swimming gala: Both events are complementary to the PE classes and sports modules enabling students to advance their sports skills through competitions.