Modular Curricular:

The modular curricular are part and parcel of our official curricular. They serve to promote better-balanced student development in respect to their physical, mental and social growth. Our modular design provide our students with a broad and balanced learning experience from which a holistic development is to be expected.

Grade Levels Modules
P.1 Squash / Fundamental Movement Skills(ISP) / Fitball &Crossing- Training
P.2 Jumping Rope / Music / Paper Skills / Community Service
P.3 Housekeeping / Chinese Calligraphy / Swimming
P.4 Life Experience (Healthy Diet / Chinese Arts / Brazilian War Dance & Physical fitness / Gardening)
P.5 Ball Games (Volleyball / Soccer / Rugby / Basketball) / Pay It Forward
P.6 Ball Games (Volleyball / Soccer / Rugby / Basketball) / Global Citizenship